Affiliate Buzz #282 – YouTube Traffic Secrets

by James Martell on April 20, 2013

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James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz and founder of The School of Internet Marketing, comes to us with multiple years of experience and success to help others make their own online presence. Today’s episode of the Affiliate Buzz welcomes Dan Maynard, author of “Video Traffic Adrenaline” to discuss the world of  YouTube and how it can enhance your affiliate marketing business by driving traffic and sales to their business.

Interesting fact; there are currently 4 billion videos being streamed through YouTube in any given day, giving you the opportunity for enormous exposure.

Dan is an expert in video SEO and his focus is on YouTube…developing top rankings within YouTube, which now sits in the #2 position for search engines. He is also an instructor at the School of Internet of Marketing.

Results in Top Rankings

It all started just over a year ago at YouTube, when he placed his first video on it. He noticed something remarkable…his video ranked quickly, on the first page within a very short 10 minutes.

You will hear how he found that his rankings on YouTube were happening much quicker than in other avenues. He goes on to emphasize that YouTube is NOT to replace other avenues such as Google, but to work in tandem with them, so it doubles your chances for exposure, with some of it working much faster than others.

Take for example his #2 ranking video. The time it took to create this video was less than 2 days. And, it took less than 2 months to hit the #2 ranking spot…with 78 million hits. That is a lot of exposure in a short amount of time. So, listen in to someone who knows how to do it!

Creating an SEO Video

Tune in to hear various tips on what to do when creating a quality SEO video to have its best chance at higher rankings. Dan shares his tips that have launched his own videos into high ranking positions.

Some of these tips include the following areas:

  • Use inexpensive camera with good audio, because audio is more important
  • Practice on camera – get comfortable on camera before you post
  • PowerPoint presentations with dubbed audio – very popular on YouTube

James and Dan go into more detail in how to create a quality video using Power Point, which work well on YouTube rankings. They also speak on how to use bullet points regarding the product to capture the viewer’s attention.

He walks you through the process of not only creating the video, but also how to upload it correctly onto YouTube after the video is created and saved to your hard drive.

Make sure you tune in to learn from an expert in the field to get valuable tips, information, as well as common mistakes people make. You will also learn the differences between standard SEO and video SEO, so you can gain maximum exposure and establish traffic through YouTube!

Video Traffic Adrenaline by Dan Maynard

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