Wrestler Richie Frieman Talks About Writing Children’s Books

by Deb Carney on September 30, 2012

Author Richie Frieman joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss writing, publishing and all things book related.

Bio From Amazon Profile:
A Modern Day Renaissance Man, Richie Frieman has had a career spanning everything from professional artist, to columnist, to journalist, entrepreneur, inventor and even professional wrestler. With the release of Terple, Frieman is quickly becoming one of the most poetic and talented voices in children’s literature today. “Terple – Always Dream Bigger” (Trust Your Cape Publishing) is the follow up to Frieman’s 2008 release, “Terple – The Sky Is Just The Start”.

“Terple – Always Dream Bigger” is a winner of The 2012 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award for Best Poetry and Rhyme book, as well has been awarded the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. An avid philanthropist, Frieman uses Terple to give back to those in need by offering a portion of his profits from his book sales (for the life of it) to a different charity every month.

Believing that every great idea starts with a pen, paper and a vision, Frieman launched his award winning internet magazine The Pen’s Eye View (www.PensEyeView.com) on April 1, 2007. To date, PensEyeView.com has featured over 1,000 consecutive interviews with a different artist, musician, and visionary from all over the globe – a different one every 48 hours – from emerging artists to Grammy winners.

Frieman was awarded a Laureate medal at the 2008 Computerworld Honors Program (formerly known as the Smithsonian Award). He is the youngest recipient of this award and PensEyeView.com is the smallest company to ever have this honor bestowed on them.

Frieman is also known as The Modern Manners Guy for QuickAndDirtyTips.com (Macmillan Publishing) – a humorous weekly column and podcast about manners and etiquette. Inventing and entrepreneurship has also been one of Frieman’s passions, having launched his revolutionary fashion accessory called Collar Keeps which helps eliminate the fly away collar on dress shirts. He is also the Co-Founder of Charm City Babies, a vintage rock n’ roll, pop culture inspired baby clothing line.

Along with Frieman’s work in the arts, he has been known as the professional wrestler, “The Thrill From Israel” Buster Maccabi since 2000, having won more than a dozen titles in various federations throughout the country. Please visit www.RichieFrieman.com and on Twitter @RichieFrieman

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