The Spew Episode 18 – Women Road Warriors: Tips for Traveling

by Lisa Picarille on October 12, 2009

Welcome to episode 18 of The Spew, a podcast about women in online marketing, by women in online marketing.

Karen Garcia (@karengarcia), co-founder of GTO Management and Ultimate Foodie, was the moderator for this week’s show.

Panelists this week include:

  • Karen White (@KarenWhite_LV), a Marketing Strategist focusing on Performance marketing initiatives.
  • Lisa Picarille (@lisap), an online content strategist.
  • And Lisa Riolo (@LisaRiolo), Internet Marketing Consultant.

This week, we discussed things to have with you on the road and how to be productive while mobile and traveling.

Lisa Picarille is as prepared as they come and had a comprehensive list of items she brings with her on trips and how for her it’s all about the bag, even though the perfect bag is elusive.

Lisa Riolo told us all about her new gadget Mi-Fi that allows her to create her own hot-spot from anywhere and how convenient she finds it to be, even at home.

Karen White mentioned that she’s kind of anti-mobile in exchange for a better Quality of Life and her observation that the more gadgets someone has, the harder it seems to be to reach them.

We also discussed netbooks and their convenience for business travel and how Karen Garcia uses them for personal writing while she’s undisturbed and unreachable on long flights.

We also ran through a rather lengthy list of applications that we find to help with day to day and on the road productivity including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Voice, 37Signals Basecamp,, ZoHo, Hootsuite, Skype and GoToMeeting as well as password management tips and tricks.

Finally, we closed out this week’s podcast with a discussion of comfort items we bring on the road with us.

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