Who is Missy Ward?

by Shawn Collins on January 24, 2009

Andrew Wee of WhoIsAndrewWee.com had Missy Ward, Co-founder of Affiliate Summit, on his podcast for an interview about her background in affiliate marketing, Affiliate Summit, and charitable efforts she has spearheaded.

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If you’ve had a chance to talk to Missy during one of the trade shows, you’d find that she’s personable and knowledgable. During the course of our discussion, I got to know Missy better, including:

  • How she got involved in affiliate marketing
  • The formation of the Affiliate Summit and it’s goals and growth over the years
  • How she got involved with fundraising activities, concurrently growing her affiliate business
  • A preview of upcoming Affiliate Summit conferences and related events
  • The guerilla marketing strategies used to promote the summit (merchants and affiliate networks can take a leaf out of Missy and Shawn’s playbook)
  • Missy’s video blogging and promotion strategies
  • A number of inspirational moments from the recent Affiliate Summit
  • Key updates involving projects like Geekcast.fm, a new podcast in the making, Missy’s return to affiliate management and the revamped AffStat affiliate industry survey

If you have issue 4 of FeedFront Magazine handy, Andrew wrote an article that appears on page 60 titled, “How to Effectively Blog for Branding and Monetization.” The issue is also available to download.

Listen to the chat from Andrew and Missy at http://www.whoisandrewwee.com/podcasts/friday-podcast-building-your-affiliate-karma-with-missy-ward/.

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