Affiliate Buzz #283 – Twitter, Twitter – Oh What to Do?

by James Martell on April 23, 2013

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In today’s episode James, host of the Affiliate Buzz, is speaking with Stephanie Lichtenstein, President and Founder of Micro Media Marketing, a popular guest from previous episodes. Just as James does, Stephanie often shares her vast experience with others, so they may enjoy the same success in their career.

Micro Media Marketing is a social media boutique, which offers hands-on social media management to companies and affiliates who prefer to outsource their social marketing needs. They also offer in-house training for social media management, set up social media pages, and teach strategies to increase traffic, using the top and most effective methods and networks.

Stephanie is also an instructor at The School of Internet Marketing, sharing her valuable tips and information in courses available at the school. And considering how well social media has done for many affiliates, this is an area of expertise worth listening in on.

Twitter, not Your Average Social Media

For this episode, James and Stephanie focus on Twitter and how it can drive traffic to your website…specifically, affiliate traffic and sales.

Stephanie is in the midst of social media and the success it brings to many affiliates. You will hear how she knows all the ins and outs of Twitter strategies, and how these strategies can significantly enhance your business.

James and Stephanie discuss what affiliates need to consider when it comes to Twitter…

  • Carry on conversations with anyone, maximizing your ability to get your word out to the world
  • How it’s different from Facebook and LinkedIn in the sense that you don’t need to “friend” someone in order for them to follow
  • Learn how you can connect to several people you currently don’t know, simply by using keywords and phrases to draw them in
  • They talk about how spending time on it can drive business, as well as strategies for those who can’t spend a great deal of time on social media

These are just some of the areas you can learn about when tuning into James and Stephanie in this episode, as well as other episodes they have done together …and their courses at The School of Internet Marketing.

Conversations and Specific Topics

Hear how you need to connect to people that are interested in your topic, and provide links and calls to action through various areas of meeting people. Stephanie gives you great tips in creating these links and how to reach out to new business. She also discusses the importance of developing relevant content for your website and social media pages.

Also suggested is going to, showing top brands or people who rank high for specific topics, how you can search specific topics…and what that means for your business. Equally important, she shares tips and information on how to get started with Twitter and how to best utilize this specific social media, including the use of the site for monitoring keywords.

And, learn about the hashtags that you see so often on TV lately…and how they can go to work for you.

Don’t miss out on this information-packed episode, so you can start driving many, many more people to your business.

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