Tina Koenig Author Services Interview with @BookGoodies

by Deb Carney on October 22, 2012

Author Tina Koenig of Xpress Press joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about the services they provide for authors.

XpressPRESS and XpressEDIT offer branding and publicity packages for writers of fiction and non-fiction.

The services we offer for authors include:

Query Letter Writing – Congratulations. You’ve written a book! Now it’s time to pitch your book to an agent or publishing house. We understand that it’s hard to sell yourself. We’ll use your submitted summary (if you have one) or we’ll send you a series of questions that can be used as the basis for drafting a query letter that will help your manuscript get out of the slush pile and onto the sales shelf.

Synopsis Writing – Many agents and editors require a book synopsis as part of your query package. We’ll write a one-page capsule of your book that will leave the reader wanting more. Perfect for agents, publishers or Amazon sales pages.

Outline – As part of a marketing proposal, agents and publishers often need an outline that provides colleagues or sales staff information about your book and its trajectory. We’ll work from your rough outline or the full manuscript with the goal of delivering an easy-to-read chapter by chapter outline of your novel or work of non-fiction.

Reading Group Guide Discussion Questions – Whether you are self-publishing or going with a conventional publishing house, a reading group guide and/or book club discussion questions are great ways to initiate meaningful conversations about your book. We’ll develop a list of ten questions based on the theme, messages and moral issues presented.

Press Releases – Congratulations on publishing your book. It’s now time to stop typing and start promoting your book. Making the transition from writer to salesperson is hard for some authors but it’s a necessary evil. Often, the number of books you sell determines whether a publisher will print the next book in a series, a second novel, or work of non-fiction. Let us help you with a press release that establishes your platform or positions you as an expert in your field (for non-fiction book authors). For writers of memoir and fiction, we’ll help tell your personal story as a writer to build an audience for your work.

Press Release Distribution via the XpresPress network (fixed price). Personal pitching and PR representation (hourly or by contract).

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