TheSpew, Episode 8: TheSpew Girls Go Global

by Missy Ward on May 14, 2009


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Missy Ward (@missyward) of Affiliate Summit moderated this week with panelists:

  • Lisa Picarille (@lisap), a consultant focusing on online marketing, social media and content creation
  • Karen White (@KarenWhite_LV), a Marketing Strategist focusing on Performance marketing initiatives

Photo of Andrew WeeAndrew Wee (@andrewwee), who is an internet marketing consultant, affiliate marketer and blogger on, was our special guest this week.

Andrew joins us from 12 hours in the future, Hiro Nakamura-style from Singapore (that’s 10,000+ miles away, a 20-hour plane ride or a mere .5 second jaunt for those of you that can travel at the speed of light.)

The topics that were spewed today were:

  • How the convergence of social media and affiliate marketing has helped us embark on a new age of international collaboration.
  • Making the world your market – why businesses need to focus on their international marketing strategies and things to prepare for to make it happen.
  • International Affiliate Recruitment Strategies for Merchants.
  • The trends, issues and challenges in the Asian market and how the social media space is shaping up in Andrew’s neck of the woods.
  • The ubiquitous dilemma of merging or excluding one’s personal life when it comes to business, and how it all plays out on Twitter or Facebook.
  • The fine line between authenticity and stupidity on Twitter
  • Why women make better podcasters then men.
  • FeedFront Magazine is now available for the Kindle.
  • Lisa’s upcoming op-ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle on California’s AB178.
  • Connie’s breaking news on the Minnesota Omnibus Bill #advertisingtax.

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