TheSpew, Episode 7: Defying Gravity with Peter Shankman

by Missy Ward on May 8, 2009


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Missy Ward (@MissyWard) of Affiliate Summit moderated this week with panelists:

  • Lisa Riolo (@LisaRiolo), Internet Marketing Consultant

Our special guest this week was Peter Shankman, is the founder and CEO of The Geek Factory and founder of Help A Reporter Out (“HARO”), which connects journalists with sources using social media.

Photo - Peter Shankman and Missy Ward
Peter Shankman and Missy Ward during South by Southwest 2009

Peter spewed the following today:

  • The backstory on the inspiration and creation of HARO.
  • His bad case of “A.D.O.S.” and what he does to overcome it.
  • The parallel between the growth of HARO and the growth of the hair on Missy’s legs.
  • The plans to evolve HARO.
  • The most outrageous PR stunts he’s pulled off.
  • How he got into skydiving and running and the benefits to him.
  • Discussion on a jump for “Save the TaTa’s” and whether Missy will join him.
  • The worst business advice he’s ever received.
  • The right way to use Twitter; how brands fail by using it and how it’s helped his business.  
  • Funny Twitter-stances that have happened to him.
  • How Meagan (Peter’s Uber Assistant) puts up with his nonsense.
  • The 3 women that he’d love to have lunch with and why.
  • His guilty pleasures and what he wants to do in the near future.
  • What’s in store for Affiliate Summit 2009 East attendees during his keynote — and calls out Chris Brogan (who is the other keynote during Affiliate Summit 2009 East) to not take his ideas.
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