TheSpew – Episode 2: California AB178 for Dummies #advertisingtax

by Missy Ward on March 25, 2009


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Missy Ward
(@missyward) of Affiliate Summit moderated this week with panelists:

Our special guest this week is Brian Littleton (@BrianLittleton), President and CEO of  (Kudos to him for being our first male guest and for taking on the ladies!)

This week’s episode covers:

  • The turmoil surrounding California Assembly Bill 178 (the knock-off of the NY Bill that targeted affiliates and rocked the Affiliate World)
  • The Bill explained in layman’s terms and why the ugliest word in the English language is “nexus”.
  • Who is affected by this bill and why it’s more than just affiliates and merchants in California that have to be worried.
  • Why “nexus” is being challenged now by states across the country even though the Supreme Court ruled on this subject 20 years ago in Quill Corp. vs. N. Dakota.
  • What ShareASale as a network is doing to help affiliates and merchants in affected states.
  • What affiliate marketers are doing to fight AB 178 and how you can join the grass roots efforts to help squash it, too.
  • The additional states that are working on similar anti-affiliate legislation and where it all stands today.

Other topics that were discussed and laughed over were:

  • Go-Girl: The female urination device.
  • Brian Littleton’s interview for a new VH1 reality show
  • Working from home and balancing time for the kids (Missy, FAIL).

Show Resources:

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