The Straight Goods on Setting Up an Affiliate Program | The School of Internet Marketing – Episode #12

by James Martell on August 23, 2013

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James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, possesses more than a decade of online success in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketing is an exciting avenue for business owners who wish to increase their bottom line. The biggest hurdle for most people is getting started.

In this episode of The School of Internet Marketing podcast, James chats with Carolyn Kmet, VP of Performance Marketing for All Inclusive Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency about the planning, process and strategies required for setting up and launching a affiliate marketing program.

Learn from Experience

Like James, Carolyn also entered the internet marketing industry in the late 90s. She has since become one of the leading experts in the industry and when Carolyn talks people listen. Tune in to hear the valuable tips she shares with James, which include:

  • How payment works between retailers, networks, and affiliates
  • The importance of driving traffic to your website to increase your performance
  • Improving where you land on Google’s natural search listings

Subscribe Now!Having an affiliate marketing program is like having an online sales force that works just for you. Listen as Carolyn cuts through the chaos and confusion of getting started by explaining things in layman’s terms that even the newest affiliate marketer can understand.

James compares setting up an affiliate marketing to a puzzle. You will be far less puzzled after listening to James and Carolyn discuss everything from the technology necessary to create an internet marketing campaign on your own to using a company like All Inclusive Marketing to set it up for you. Tune in now to benefit from hearing the entire episode!

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