YouTube – A Local Business Owner’s Secret Weapon | The School of Internet Marketing – Episode #09

by James Martell on July 10, 2013

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In this episode James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, talks with Dan Maynard, author of Video Traffic Adrenaline – Essential Guide to Generating Leads for Small Business. While the episode does not discuss how to make a YouTube video, it does explain how to use YouTube as part of a marketing strategy.

Dan Maynard is an expert in video SEO with his focus on YouTube, and is known for developing top rankings in YouTube and successfully teaching students to do the same. Dan is also an instructor here at The School of Internet Marketing.

Benefits of Using YouTube in Marketing

YouTube has the potential to get word out about your business faster than nearly any other social media network. In May 2011, YouTube reported on its company blog that it received more than 3 billion views per day Just seven months later in January 2012, YouTube stated that figure had increased to more than 4 billion views per day.

Using YouTube as a part of your marketing strategy can only help improve your bottom line. Here are some other benefits Dan shares in this episode:

  • YouTube helps to both establish and build your brand awareness
  • It helps give your business a personality by letting customers see you as a person
  • Videos are more mobile-friendly than text, and easily viewed on small screens
  • YouTube allows you to show off your products to a wider geographic audience
  • The cost of creating videos is really low and suits almost all advertising budgets

As far as search engines go YouTube is only second to Google. Over 800 million unique videos are viewed each month. People watch more than 1 billion views a day on YouTube mobile. And in this episode you will hear even more statistics and facts regarding the video-based social network.

How to Get Your Video Ranked for Keywords that Matter to You

Subscribe Now!YouTube offers an amazing, real opportunity to drive real customers to your website and through the doors of your business. Anyone can take advantage of this opportunity because it costs nothing to sign up for a YouTube account, upload videos, or use keywords to optimize them.

During their discussion, James and Dan do a live case study on a gentleman named Peter Hensel, who owns a website called Pacifica Gates. He was spending advertising dollars every month on print ads. Then one month he used that budget for creating a video instead. Dan agrees this was a good decision because:

  • The product is difficult to describe in text form, and video eliminates the challenge of trying to do that
  • Unlike a picture, a video allows you to show multiple dimensions of a product and give on-location tours
  • Using keywords to optimize where you rank in search engine listings helps with both Google and YouTube
  • When YouTube videos show up in Google search results, a thumbnail of the video appears next to the listing which encourages people to click on it

As you can see, using YouTube can eliminate your need for Yellow Pages and other print advertisements, which have to be renewed at an additional cost every year. This gives the potential for the return on investment to equal several thousand percent.

The benefits of using YouTube for small business marketing do not end with the ones listed here. Tune in now to hear all of James and Dan’s discussion and learn how to apply the advice to your own marketing plan!

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