Increasing Sales & Leads with White Papers | The School of Internet Marketing – Episode #11

by James Martell on July 19, 2013

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James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, possesses more than a decade of online success in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketing is an exciting avenue for business owners who wish to increase their bottom line. As the internet is always in flux, there is no one “right” method for developing a successful campaign.

In this episode of The School of Internet Marketing podcast, James chats with James Nardell, Senior Affiliate Manager at the Thailand-based company, AMWSO. Always looking for new opportunities to explore, the two sit down in this episode of The School of Internet Marketing podcast to discuss white papers.

How White Papers Can Supercharge Your Sales

James Martell and James Nardell met more than six years ago at a marketing event in Las Vegas, and the marketing world has evolved a lot in the time since! While James Martell’s marketing style leans towards blogging and podcasting, he sees potential for use with white papers as well.

Tune in to hear James Martell share staggering statistics that attest that white papers are a credible way to increase their lead sales and improve their bottom line. For example:

  • More than half of buyers read at least 5 white papers within 3 months
  • Buyers consume more white paper than any other type of media
  • White papers are more effective in the decision making process than any other marketing tool

Subscribe Now!As you can see, white papers have a real impact on online consumers every day. However there are still a lot of affiliate marketers – including James Martell, who still do not take advantage of white papers. James Nardell shares that it is not too late and explains how he uses white papers to generate leads on his own website.

You will not want to miss hearing tips like how to structure a landing page for a white paper, how to use white papers for offline printing, and the type of traffic you can achieve by using white papers as part of your online marketing campaign.

White papers are an amazing way to generate leads and the statistics agree. Whether you are new to white papers or looking for new ideas to use the white papers you have, this is one episode that you cannot afford to miss. Tune in now to hear all the details!

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