The PMA Industry Report: It’s About Value not Size

by Lisa Picarille on January 6, 2011

Welcome to the Performance Marketing Association Industry Report, a podcast dedicated to the most pressing issues impacting advertisers, publishers, networks and agencies.

We are continuing with our series of publisher profiles where we talk with publishers about lessons they’ve learned on their way to becoming successful, full-time affiliate marketers.

Host Lisa Picarille was joined by Steve Schaffer.

Steve is the Founder and CEO of Vertive, which publishes more than 10 vertically focused websites that connect consumers with the information, products and services. In February 2009, Vertive launched, which is now a leader in the coupon and deals space.

Steve has been involved in the Internet industry since 1995. Before launching Vertive, he founded an award-winning online entertainment network and community. He previously spent 10 years in product management and marketing roles in the consumer software industry. During that time, Steve’s accomplishments included designing and marketing award-winning personal organization software products such as Address Book Plus, Calendar Creator, and DayMaker for companies including DayMaker, Power Up and Symantec. Steve also served as the first president of the PMA board of directors.

We started out talking about how Steve started in search engine marketing as a consultant then turned that into an affiliate business. We also got into how he approached the business as business and began hiring employees and eventually grew from 10 to 12 people to the 40 people he has today; the struggles of growing a business; how his past experience as an entrepreneur helped him create a business; why affiliates are scared about sharing information in order to grow their business; how affiliates mostly succeed by being marketers and it’s not just having a passion; the ability to shift with the market to deliver what people want; the importance of having a good domain name; what attracts the attentions of private equity investors; market consolidation in the coupons and deals space; don’t worry about size but providing value; and more.

For more information, check out the Performance Marketing Association website.

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