The Day I Forgot to Hit Record for the Podcast

by Shawn Collins on February 18, 2009

Episode 52 of the Cast of Geeks was a complete failure. We had a rowdy 90 minutes of good content, and I realized at the end that I never started recording it.

Then we recorded a quick 5 minute recap of the show that was never recorded. Fail, part deux. Only my voice was captured in this recording.

I am a Chimp

What can I say… I’m sorry.

It’s like I missed a shot,
It’s like I dropped the ball. (Man I’m Sorry)
It’s like I’m on stage, and I forget the words. (Damn, I’m sorry)
It’s like building a new house, with no roof and no doors. (Damn, I’m sorry)
It’s like trying to propose, and I ain’t got the ring. (Oooh damn I’m sorry)
But girl I’ve apologized a million times before. (I’ll apologize a million more)
So here it comes again for all the wrong I’ve done. (so get ready babe)
Here’s one million one.

Anyhow, if the show had been recorded and you were able to hear it, the links below would be sort of relevant, because they would be the show notes.

I’ll get it right next week.

Show notes:

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