Affiliate Buzz #285 – The BIG Adventure – Laptop Travel

by James Martell on April 30, 2013

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In today’s episode of the Affiliate Buzz James Martell, and his wife and co-host Arlene discuss how a laptop is a vital tool for anyone working in an online career who travels and wants to build and maintain an online career.

James and Arlene are well versed in the Internet marketing venue, with several years of experience behind them. They also like to share their wealth of information with others, so they too may enjoy a great online career that affords wonderful levels of freedom, one of which is freedom to travel.

Hear how they can still enjoy a great career and travel at the same time. In fact, you just might hear some tips on how traveling with a laptop can actually enhance your career, not just maintain it. And, this isn’t just about a week or two vacation… but real travel for extended periods of time, and often.

Now that while people are joining the ranks of empty nesters, or at least have grown children, they are now able to look forward in taking advantage of great technology, especially a laptop, and travel for months at a time. You will hear how James and Arlene are trying to decide on whether they should stay in one or two places for that duration, or travel like nomads from place to place.

Sound enticing? Listen in to hear how you can do just that…

Laptop and Practicality

As long as you have Internet access, which is available in most areas now, you can still do your work, communicate with contractors, and monitor everything you need to in order to not only keep your business going, but growing as well.

Draw inspiration by listening to the many options that James and Arlene are considering for their travels. If you enjoy traveling and working online, find out what options are available to you by combining them together.

But, also learn how you can plan ahead for it all…

Planning Ahead with a Functional Website and Great Tools

James and Arlene talk about their BootCamp and how it can help you plan out and start a career that will allow you to travel. In this episode they share information on creating a master site plan for a website, and how planning a site ahead of time can help make your working travels go more smoothly.

They use one of the websites they created,, as an example. In this plan, it helps you to organize the following:

  • Scope of work
  • Team members
  • Project descriptions
  • Work orders

They go on to talk about how you can outsource a lot of your work, which is when you hire freelancers to do a lot of the work for you, working from remote locations.

You will also hear about other documents they have created to help launch businesses such as the visitor profile, which is extremely important for anyone looking to build a website. James and Arlene explain why it’s so important, and how this can greatly benefit you and your business.

The Martell’s also discuss the Optimization Worksheet, which is one of their most popular documents. It helps people organize their websites, including keyword phrases and graphics.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear how you can create a wonderful and functional website and online business of affiliate marketing…and travel around the world at the same time!

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