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This is an interview with Garrett Serack, a software developer who works in the open-source technology center at Microsoft. Garrett’s job at Microsoft is to help open-source technologies run better on Windows.

Garrett offered some advice for open-source developers trying to port their tech to Windows. He also discussed what he sees as the biggest challenges in getting open-source to run better on Windows (i.e. managing dependencies). Finally, he shared his experience with how the open-source community has warmed up to Microsoft’s efforts to embrace open-source.

We caught up with Garrett at Make Web Not War 2010. Read the full article →

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David Zülke on the Agavi Framework

by CT Moore on April 1, 2010

In this second half of our interview with David Zülke, he gets down to the nitty gritty of Agavi and the advantages is offers developers. According to David, Agavi is all about building clean and scalable apps. He illustrates that, because of the way it encourages developers to write code, Agavi can represent a huge cost saving as Agavi-based apps are scaled. David is the lead developer for the Agavi Framework, and we caught up with him at Confoo where he was giving a couple presentations.

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