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Online Market Crock Pot co-hosts Lisa Picarille and Todd Famer discussed how affiliates can diversify their income with ebooks, consulting gigs and more. They also touched on time management – especially in the summer – when the kiddos are at home. The two also lamented their lack of camp experience as youths of the 70’s and new kids camp culture.

There was also a shout out to Kim Rowley for winning the best costume at ASE13 at the ShareASale part at the Hard Rock Café. Elvis, baby! In addition, Missy Ward rocked it as Slash’s twin.

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Post image for Affiliate Buzz #297 – Building a Total Online Presence

In this episode of Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell discuss the importance of having a total online presence while simultaneously tackling search ranking issues and using social media to drive traffic.

itunes-subscribeArlene reflects that in the early days of internet marketing, developing traffic was as easy as putting blogs on your own site and adding backlinks back in. Today online marketers have a much tougher job of developing traffic, as indicated by the high volume of calls that come into the Martell’s help desk!

Internet Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing

One common question is how does all this fit together? All this includes things like Google Authorship Markup, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Another common question is, do I even need all of these things to successfully develop traffic for my website?

James admits that he relates to these questions because it can be overwhelming. In the early days of the Internet there were a small handful of website providers, and if you optimized for one then you optimized for all three and it was relatively simple to rank highly. Read the full article →

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