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HipMojo #21 – 2011 Year in Review

by CT Moore on December 29, 2011

In episode 21, we look at the biggest tech-media stories of the year. Some of the stories we discuss include:

  • The passing of Steve Jobs (I make an unintentional but really inappropriate comment)
  • Amazon’s quiet by far-reaching potential
  • The release of Siri
  • YouTube’s 1 Trillion views – and what it means for online video
  • and Twitter’s role in Arab Spring

Next week, we’ll make some predictions for 2012. Most of them, though, will be half serious, and the other half will be just outright cynical, but we hope you tune in anyway.

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HipMojo #12 (1/3) – The Next Tech Talisman

by CT Moore on November 3, 2011

In the first part of episode 12, Ash and I discuss who is going to replace Steve Jobs as the media’s next “tech talisman” (something Ash wrote about for TechCrunch).

Now, we’re not at all proposing that someone is going to be as “visionary” as Jobs, or that they’re necessarily going to “disrupt” consumer markets to the extent that Jobs did. Rather, we’re discussing who might be the next big “media darling” — the one mainstream media looks to for insight into “where things are going.”

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