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Using Affiliates for Retention

by CT Moore on July 20, 2009

The CEO of Share Results has been doing a video podcast called Coffee with Nicky on her personal blog. In it, she explores social media, ecommerce, how to reconcile the internet with business mandates and, of course, what these things mean for affiliate marketing.

Well, in the latest episode, Nicky discusses how even though affiliates are often used primarily for customer acquistion, they also have a lot of potential to help merchants retain customers. Specifically, Nicky addresses how merchants can work with their affiliates for retention purposes, and convert one-time buyers into repeat customers.

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Update: You can watch this video in HD by clicking on the HD button on the YouTube player once the video starts playing.

Previously, we posted an interview with Wade Tonkin on affiliate trends in 2009. We had caught up with Wade at Wade at Affiliate Summit West 2009, and sat down to a nice long chat.

Well, this is the second installment of our time with Wade. In this clip, Wade discusses how he sees a lot of opportunity for both merchants and affiliates in a downturn economy. Wade is known for his work through GTO Management and the Christian Affiliate Marketing Association. Not to mention, he’s also a really friendly guy 😉 Read the full article →

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