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Post image for Affiliate Buzz #334 – Podcasting Finally Arrives – iTunes Announces 1 Billion Podcast Subscribers

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell talk about a topic that is near and dear to their hearts — podcasting. After all, the Affiliate Buzz is the longest running podcast dedicated to the affiliate marketing industry.

Podcasting is on the rise, as weekly audio podcast consumption has grown year-over-year. One prime example is Apple’s new CarPlay system which looks to turn tens of millions of cars into iPhone accessories.

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Podcast: Interview with Ed Siemienkowicz of 9MM Studio

Jonathan Edward Goodman

by Jonathan Goodman on February 6, 2014

Jonathan:  Hi everyone. This is Jonathan Goodman. Welcome to another episode of The World of Internet Marketing. Today we have Ed Siemienkowicz with us. I did that pretty well?

Ed:  You did. You did that alright. You sound like family.

Jonathan:  Ed has over 15 years as a graphic designer and has had the opportunity to see the nature of communication change. His roots are print, web, and most recently mobile and table design. He recently stepped his big toe into learning motion graphics, and we’ll find out what that is. He calls it an exciting new way to communicate for education and entertainment. In his spare time, he’s working as a sequential artist or as many of you may know it, a cartoonist. He’s been making comics for over 10 years. His motto is “Understand your client, understand the brand, understand the audience, and connect them in a way that is interesting, and hopefully, entertaining.” Read the full article →

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