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Office Hours last Wednesday covered a lot of great topics suggested by lifestyle entrepreneurs like YOU who are members of our free lifestyle business coaching forum at Click Millionaires Radio Podcasts

Together, and with members watching from all over the world, we discussed:

  • What are “no follow” links and when to use them (or not)
  • How to set up “Video Office Hours” Hangouts for yourself for your own clients
  • Shared vs. Dedicated website hosting solutions
  • How adding keywords to photos affects your site’s SEO
  • Landing pages and where to put affiliate links
  • How your work as an entrepreneur can inspire others
  • and much more!

Click to watch the one hour video replay here (or on YouTube here), or catch the audio-only podcast replay here on Click Millionaires Radio.

Special thanks to those members who joined our host, Scott Fox, live for the session. Read the full article →

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Our latest Video Office Hours Google+ Hangout was fun…

(after we got past some technical difficulties anyway.)

With great internet startup business topics suggested by members like YOU, we covered lots of ground together, including:

  • How to find a good online lifestyle business niche
  • When “passion” is NOT what you’re looking for
  • How much to charge for consulting services
  • How to control AdSense ads (and block competitor ads)
  • How sparking off of others (including your customers) can make your business more fun and profitable
  • “Indoor” vs. “outdoor” lifestyle business activities
  • Recommended screen capture tools
  • Why it’s critical that you don’t succeed at the “wrong things”

And, of course, the latest updates on their April Challenge goals from around the world. Read the full article →

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