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Podcasting is Dead (to Me)

by Shawn Collins on March 11, 2009

Episode 55 of the Cast of Geeks was an exercise in torture. It was only myself and Lisa Picarille on the call, and I most definitely hit record on the Pamela software, which was confirmed by the pleasant audio notification: “This Call is Being Recorded.”

Only it wasn’t. Pamela lied to me and a quality hour-long conversation is in the vapors – the second time in a month.

So anyway, after I picked up my monitor from the floor and knocked out the dent from punching it, I recorded a recap of the call and touched on the Diggnation guys on Jimmy Fallon, playing with my Kindle 2, a guy getting fired from the Philadelphia Eagles for his Facebook status, David Prager from Revision3 having his house broken in by Michael Myers, and a bunch of other stuff. Read the full article →

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Michael Arrington: Spit or Get Off the Pot

by Shawn Collins on January 28, 2009

Episode 49 of the GeekCast show gets into the announcement by Michael Arrington that he will be taking a leave of absence from TechCrunch after being spat upon in Davos Munich.

Also, we got into Gmail offline, smart phones, headaches with the FeedBurner migration, a lame social marketing reputation company, and Demi Moore on Twitter.

Spit Happens

Show notes: Read the full article →

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