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In the second instalment of episode 18, we turn to newspapers and how they’re still trying to charge for content. Specifically, we address how Sun Media is rolling out a metered pay plan.

Personally, I think that you need to offer something really unique/special to charge for it, and Ash chimes in to point out how the Wall Street Journal and New York Times have gotten away with paid content because they do just that.

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In segment 1 of episode 16, we debate Craigslist’s impact on shrinking the classifieds industry from a “$100 billion market to a $100 million one”. We’re not sure if the classifieds segment is still that small, but without a doubt ,Craig Newmark’s little email list-turned-website has eaten its share of newspapers’ revenue stream.

We also digress into a debate over who missed out on technology more: the music or print industry.

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