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It’s Q4 and Crock Pot co-hosts Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer were bubbling over with talk about things that affiliates can do it increase their share of the online shopping pie. Number one of their list was affiliates creating a formal seasonal proposal to send to merchants that includes sponsored posts, run-of-site advertising and other paid special placements.

The co-hosts also offered yet another tip of the hat to their beloved friend and awesome affiliate Tricia Meyer, who has spoken in depth on this topic at conferences and on a webinar and written about it as well. Read the full article →

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Post image for Affiliate Buzz #287 – Advertisers: How to “Reactivate” Dormant Affiliates

James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz, often shares his years of experience, online business background, and successful tips and information so that other people might also find success in affiliate marketing.

In today’s episode James sits down for an information-packed show with special guest, Carolyn Kmet from All Inclusive Marketing and longtime industry veteran of the affiliate marketing industry. Carolyn has an extensive background in all aspects of affiliate marketing and brings to the table a wealth of information.

When you tune in you will hear them discuss strategies on how to reactivate affiliates and get the attention of those who have become dormant. James and Carolyn discuss reasons why an affiliate might become dormant, such as being sidetracked by other work. In other words, they aren’t inactive necessarily because they have given up or don’t care. Carolyn then goes on to discuss what an activation program is, which is finding ways to grab their attention again to make it work. Read the full article →

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