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This is an interview with Garrett Serack, a software developer who works in the open-source technology center at Microsoft. Garrett’s job at Microsoft is to help open-source technologies run better on Windows.

Garrett offered some advice for open-source developers trying to port their tech to Windows. He also discussed what he sees as the biggest challenges in getting open-source to run better on Windows (i.e. managing dependencies). Finally, he shared his experience with how the open-source community has warmed up to Microsoft’s efforts to embrace open-source.

We caught up with Garrett at Make Web Not War 2010. Read the full article →

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Chat with Vanilla Forums

by CT Moore on May 31, 2010

Last week, at Make Web Not War, I caught up with Mark O’Sullivan and Brendan Sera-Shriar of Vanilla Forums. Vanilla is free, open-source forum software athatnd, like WordPress, offers a hosted version, as well.

Mark and Brendan explained how Vanilla strives to do away with a lot of the clutter that you can find with other forum platforms. They also touched on their business model, and mentioned how Vanilla offers a number of premium services.

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