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PMA Industry Report: Council Spotlights

by Lisa Picarille on January 5, 2015

We are reviving the PMA Industry Report. Yes, we are back. This episode features Tricia Meyer, Founder and CEO of and Secretary for the Performance Marketing Association’s Board of Directors, along with Lisa Picarille, an Online Content Strategist and PMA Board member. The two go in-depth on the PMA councils’ respective missions, what they do, how to join them, and what to expect from the new spotlight months that highlights each council.

Tricia is a special liaison to the councils to facilitate any output and vet it through the Board of Directors for approval and additional ideas. Lisa works with each of the councils to help generate content and expedite it through the process.

There are currently, 5 PMA Councils
Compliance – (David Naffziger BrandVerity)
Publisher Recruitment (Lucy Bartlett – VigLink)
Industry Advancement (Choots Humphries – LinkConnector)
Measurements and Insights (Julie Avila – Schaaf-PartnerCentric)
Offers & Rewards (Howard Schaffer- Read the full article →

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Coaching and Corporate Training Part1

by Jonathan Goodman on July 17, 2014

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Hi everyone. This is Jonathan Goodman. Welcome to another episode of The World of Internet Marketing. It’s great to have you with us. Today we’ve got a really special event for you. I had the opportunity to train the staff at Adam Leitman Bailey law firm. He is a large real estate law firm here in New York City and he needed his staff trained because they’re in the process of redoing their content and optimization for their website. So this is something that actually I do for several companies and Adam was nice enough to let us videotape it and put it up on the Web. It does actually run for 90 minutes, which is significantly longer than one of my podcasts. So what we’ve done is split it into two episodes. This is going to be the first 45 minutes and then you’ll see the following one in about a week. I hope you enjoy it. It’s about SEO and content optimization, content creation. It’s very informative. The sound is pretty good and I think you’ll like it.

If you could, do me one other favor. I have noticed that I’ve kind of stagnated in terms of the subscribers on this YouTube Channel. It is really critical for us to have the momentum to continue doing these. Obviously, the podcast is doing well. We’ve up on Blog TalkRadio. That’s really doing well. But it would be nice to see the visual subscribers being up here. So if you are listening to me on Blog TalkRadio or Spreaker or iHeart radio, you can find us on YouTube @ HalyardConsulting. The button should be right here to subscribe. You should be able to put that in for you. And it does mean a lot. It does help us in the rankings and, of course, the momentum and the enthusiasm that we all have for wanting to build this out. So thanks so much and really enjoy the show.

Training at Adam Leitman Bailey offices

I’ll give the presentation slowly and please feel free when you’re not eating to ask me any questions as we’re going through this. I’m going to talk about who I am, why I’m here, what is SEO. Search Engine Optimization. We’re going to talk about keywords and titles and descriptions. Because my understanding in talking to Annabelle and Nicole is that that’s the major part of the root of this content. So we really need to understand why we’re doing this, how to do it best and then go from there. Then Webmaster Tools, is anybody on the team working in the Webmaster Tools side? I kind of got an email that…. Read the full article →

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