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The Sky Isn’t Falling – Penguin 2.0

by Jonathan Goodman on May 29, 2013

This is Jonathan Goodman, president of Halyard Consulting and author of The World of Internet Marketing. This is the podcast, The World of Internet Marketing podcast.

The episode today is called The Sky Isn’t Falling. We’re going to concentrate and talk about the new Penguin 2.0 Update. Before we get to that, this is the first time I’m going to add a couple of segments to the podcast, areas of interest that I think you want to hear about. The first segment is

Your Social Media Oops for the Week

It’s an interesting story coming out of the relationship with an Italian hazelnut-based spread that everybody knows called Nutella. In 2007, Sara Russo, an American blogger living in Italy, created the World Nutella Day to show her enthusiasm for Italy’s favorite spread, Nutella. Seven years later, though, she received a cease-and-desist letter from Nutella’s parent company and this is what she wrote on her blog: Read the full article →

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In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author and co-host Arlene Martell talks with Deborah Carney from about building quality, responsive followers on Twitter.

James discusses with Debra how to build a large audience on Twitter and different strategies on building your followers. Deborah explains the difference between Twitter participants who have thousands of followers while only following a small handful vs. those who have thousands of followers and are following thousands back.

Building your list of followers is only the beginning of managing your Twitter account effectively. Deborah shares tips on being a real person on your account and engaging with your followers. Read the full article →

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