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HipMojo #19 (1/3) – Tech Companies in 2011

by CT Moore on December 21, 2011

In the first instalment of episode 19, we discuss which companies were the “most important” in 2011. We openly invited additional nominations from viewers, but the companies we mentioned were:

YouTube Facebook Google Apple Twitter Amazon Groupon LinkedIn and Demand Media

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In the first segment of episode 18, Ash and I discuss whether “greed is good.” Specifically, we’re talking about how the web seems to reward bad behaviour. After all, just look at how the 4 big web IPOs of the year:

  • LinkedIn IPOd at $84/share and dropped to $74/share
  • Demand Media IPOd at $22/share and has dropped to $7/share
  • Groupon IPOd at at $26/share and dropped to $21/share
  • and Pandora at $17/share and dropped to $11/share

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