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The Marketplace Fairness Act

by Jonathan Goodman on May 11, 2013

Based on Jonathan’s conspiracy theory about why Google exited the Affiliate Management space we’ll look into the upcoming vote on The Marketplace Fairness Act, which is set to pass in the Senate and has support by the President. We will also look at the history of taxes on the Internet and see if this bill helps of hurts Affiliate Marketers and online small businesses.

Hi everyone. This is Jonathan Goodman from Halyard Consulting. This is the World of Internet Marketing, the podcast. Today we’re going to talk about the Marketplace Fairness Act. You may remember, in the last two podcasts, that I was talking about my conspiracy theory about why Google, and now SEOmoz, may have left the affiliate marketing area. And I decided to do a lot of research on this, and I can kind of refute what I originally said was a possibility. I don’t think that’s probable anymore. But, what I did to kind of prepare myself to say whether or not this was a possibility is I really educated myself on what’s going on with Congress and the Senate and internet tax.

So today, we’re going to talk about the Marketplace Fairness Act, which is currently in the Senate and it’s looking like its most likely going to easily pass the Senate. The President is supporting it, and Congress seems to be supporting it. In fact, even businesses like Amazon and online companies like that seem to feel that this is the right way to go. The final vote is on May 6, and it’s actually the second time it’s coming up to the Senate. We’re going to talk a little bit about the history, but first let’s focus on what the Marketplace Fairness Act is. Read the full article →

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The Risks of Cloud Computing

by Jonathan Goodman on May 11, 2013

This week we are going to talk about the risks of putting everything into Google Cloud along with other news including LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Pulse and we’ll have an update on the fallout of the closing of the Google Affiliate Network and SEOmoz’s recent announcement they were taking a break from their affiliate program.

Hello, and welcome to the World of Internet Marketing. I’m your host Jonathan Goodman and along for the ride is my wonderful dog Max, who’s once again snoring behind me. Today, we are going to talk about several different things, including the risk of cloud computing, LinkedIn’s new acquisition with the Pulse acquisition, Google Affiliate Network, we’ll have an update with that, and we will talk about SEOmoz’s new decision to leave their affiliate program and we’ll end with an interesting conspiracy about affiliate marketing again.

So, let’s first talk about the risks of cloud computing. This is an interesting story coming out of Huffington Post Live today about a woman who was locked out of her Google Cloud account for a week because she stored her client’s password in a document on the Google Cloud Drive. Which it seems to be against the terms of service which is interesting. First, I didn’t even know that, that was something that you could have your Google Cloud shut down for. It seems like, I think if you’re working with consultants then there is more of a likelihood, if you have multiple consultants and you are especially managing their social media or you need to access various information because you are helping them, that this would then be something that they would see, that would be a problem. Now, my understanding, the reasons why that is in the terms of service is because I guess, hackers, will kind of create large excel spreadsheets and include data with passwords and usernames. So, it’s their way of going through and preventing all of that. Read the full article →

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