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HipMojo #14 (3/3) – Lightning Round

by CT Moore on November 15, 2011

In the final instalment of episode 14, we enter the lightning round and discuss what we think of:

  • MC Hammer’s new search engine WireDoo
  • Why Social Media Departments fail
  • Whether YouTube is really worth $1.6 Billion
  • and how the Gmail App for iPhone had to be pulled hours after being released
Then, in the email of the week, Ash chimes in on the “fire fast, hire slow” mantra that tends to be so popular — especially in the tech start-up community.

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In which Daniel, Joe and Drew talk about video game systems, Gmail’s new look & feel, managing giveaways & contests and Zac Brown. Hang on, who’s Zac Brown? Oh, and I’m going to start betting on sports.

We started with a mention of next week’s milestone episode #100! Be sure to hit at 1pm Eastern next Thursday to listen live and get your shot at winning an Affiliate Summit West 2012 GOLD Pass (valued at $549!). We’ve got six to hand out to listeners, so you won’t want to miss that. We’ll have some other stuff, too. Also, a special guest will be joining us, one of the original Geek Dads, Sam Harrelson!

Drew told us about a game he’s been into lately, Skylanders. Sounds great, and a true cross-platform experience. That led us into a segment about which video game system to get for a family with young kids. X-Box? PlayStation? Wii? We decided on X-Box with a Kinect. Drew brought up a great kids game, Once Upon a Monster as well as Kinectimals. Read the full article →

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