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After a holiday hiatus, we returned with a football season wrap-up. This is Episode 25 of Fantasy Sports Geeks, for you keeping score at home! This episode featured Wade Tonkin, Jill Swartwout, Daniel M. Clark and Eric C. Souza

Our Yahoo! Football League finished in fine fashion, with Wade’s Florida Lightning team edging Vinny O’Hare’s Fighting Falcons in the last game of the fantasy season. Seattle’s Golden Tate fittingly ended Vinny’s season – not with a disputed jump-ball, but instead a catch-and-run that caused Vinny to send Wade a tear-stained text message congratulating him on the win. Read the full article →

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It was a playoff edition of Fantasy Sports Geeks! Episode 24 was a lot of fun, with Wade Tonkin, Eric Souza and Nate Smith.

  • Jill couldn’t make  it – Nikki home sick, poor thing.
  • Jed’s wife’s car broke so he wasn’t able to join us. Didn’t want to face retribution by doing podcast instead of saving his wife. Probably a good choice.
  • Wade was going to bust people’s chops about excuses, but since this was his first podcast since the draft, he decided it wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • No reason Vinny shouldn’t be on. He’s top seed with bye week … should be nothing more important than doing this podcast!
  • Wade suggests getting a FEMA note to miss any future episodes
  • Wade Tonkin and his Florida Lightning team also have bye week. He lucked because he had forgotten to set lineup. He’ll use this week to nurse any problematic groin pulls.
  • CoffeeNate lamented the poor quality of the McDonald’s WiFi, as we had some difficulty hearing him clearly.
  • Nate also lamented the loss of the scrap-hear pickup of Jacksonville’s  Cecil Shorts – another concussion casualty. “CLOWNS!”
  • Now facing decisions for running out his flex play for his playoff matchup against Not on Tommy’s Watch.
  • Going to go with Chris Givens against Buffalo with their horrid secondary.
  • Impressive use of “Sack” from Wade in reference to JAX QB Chad Henne to stand in the pocket and get smashed.
  • Eric is going to try to score tickets to the Seattle / San Francisco game on December 23. Wade says the outcome of this game, and eventually the NFC West, could depend on the Seattle defense with two of their top guys – Browner and maybe Sherman – out for PEDs.
  • Russell Wilson – could make a good cast for Wilson as the best of the Rookie QB class. Heck of a leader – came in and grabbed the job from Matt Flynn. “Freaky strong.” Good accuracy. Stud RB. Could be the guy in charge there for the next ten years.
  • Flynn will be a good trade piece. Get some nice draft picks out of him.
  • Never try to figure out what Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are going to do.
  • Don’t give a damn what Mel Kiper says.
  • Great game for a first experience at Century Link – engineered by Paul Allen and his team of acoustic engineers to channel some noise … that place is just crazy loud. Leading the league in false starts forced.
  • Reviewing matchups
  • Jason Hanson – the guy is ancient all the way back to when he kicked at Washington State
  • Eddie Murray and Jason Hanson – such longevity. Since 1980 Lions only used two kickers.
  • Monday night – New England v Houston – potential AFC Championship matchup?
  • How well will NE O-Line be able to perform?
  • Wade wants to see Brady take some hits.
  • Lions – never made it to the Super Bowl. Again, “CLOWNS!”
  • Two more weeks after this round. Week 15 will be semifinals and Week 16 will be for the winner
  • We’ll have a “Toilet Bowl” game as well … Mighty Flacco … Wade might get some prize together for the worst team.
  • Wade had what he thought was the worst draft, but finished in second place. However best draft (with Rashard Mendenhall in 10th round) was a total bust. Two toilet bowl appearances in other leagues.
  • Wade shares the traumatic experience of starting Mark Sanchez in the Affiliate Summit league last year, causing him to lose.
  • It’s all about making it to the playoffs … clean slate
  • Doing away with kickoffs?? Goodell really pushing it …
  • What’s more exciting than seeing these guys go back to take a kick? Some guys have made careers as big return guys. If league is under a lot of pressure regarding concussions, then fix the scheduling. Playing Thursday night games and considering adding another two games to schedule …
  • Ndamukong Suh … a low-class individual. Even if he didn’t mean it … given his past history it’s awfully hard to believe him. “I don’t think you UNintentionally kick another guy in the sack.”
  • Baseball discussion … winter meetings just ended. Where will Hamilton land? Seattle? What about Grienke and Swisher?
  • Mariners could benefit from Hamilton … need some guys who have been through the fights. Mariners have cleared some money off the books … Chone Figgins … but Mariners picked up Bay, who will have his $$ picked up by Mets. The trick with Seattle – gotta have guys who are OK with being there with the weather and long travel.
  • Also – Affiliate Summit coming up! Plus, ASE will be in Philadelphia … New York is really spendy, so having it someplace people want to go … Wade wants to do the two-fisted cheesesteaks. Plus, Philly, for the east coasters, access is easy with trains, etc. Other potential locations for future ASEs – Nashville, Memphis or New Orleans. Though if in New Orleans, “if we do it in New Orleans, we’d have to send out a patrol every morning to scrape the CPA network guys out of the gutters on Bourbon Street.”
  • When in Philly, the run for cheesesteaks will take the place of the street meat cart. At like 2 am – corner of 53rd and 6th.
  • When attending these events, an opportunity to travel and see fun cities and network in a relaxed place.
  • If you have a VIP pass, it’s great – can watch the videos after and take advantage of the time there to network and set up meetings.
  • Huge value – who you meet and get to spend time with.
  • Wade: As affiliate manager, if I hang out with you and chat – then later if you come to me with an idea or apply for a program … putting a name to a face is huge. Even if we can’t work together now, maybe down the road. Meet the people who are experienced.
  • Nighttime brainstorming … great chance to put heads together – different backgrounds … Drew Bennett with blogging, Daniel Clark with podcasting … etc … there’s a lot of value there. Meet some cool people who can help you out.
  • Some scholarships were given out as well … pretty impressive! Pay it forward scholarships … a lot of revenue they’re walking away from …
  • About learning as a group … find people you can work with. Whether Affiliate Summit, ShareASale’s ThinkTank, CJU … there are lots of cool opportunities to connect.
  • Get the chance to get plugged in.
  • Highly recommend the newcomer program if a first-timer to affiliate summit

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