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Affiliate Summit East 2013 Summary

by Jonathan Goodman on August 27, 2013

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Hi everyone. It’s Jonathan Goodman. Welcome to another episode of The World of Internet Marketing. It’s great to have you with us. Today’s episode is “Affiliate Summit East Summary.” The Google Algorithm forecast from today is a comfortable 70 degrees. The high for the week was a hot and stormy 103 degrees on Tuesday; the low for the week immediately followed on Wednesday at 69 degrees, so something big happened with the Goggle Algorithm. And now the news….

Social Media

Data from AgoraPulse shows the average Facebook engagement level for a page with less than 10,000 fans is 6.1%. For pages with over 100,000 fans, it is 4.9%. The NBA was listed as one of the most popular brands to have a fan page based on the ‘people talking about this’ metric. Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart and Disney also made the top 10 list. Read the full article →

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Even with small niches you can make money by solving problems.

The most profitable niches are often those that you would not find in the Yellow Click Millionaires Radio podcasts

You can make money by packaging up the story behind an obstacle you’ve overcome, that little technique you worked out to make your own life or office run better, that problem you helped your family fix – those sorts of solutions are what other people are looking for online.

And with the connectivity of the web, Google can deliver all those wannabe problem-solvers directly to your product sales pages. Read the full article →

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