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2014 World Cup Mania – How to Market

by Jonathan Goodman on June 26, 2014

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Hi everyone. This is Jonathan Goodman. Welcome to another episode of The World of Internet Marketing. It’s great to have you with us. Today we’re going to say ole, ole, ole and celebrate the World Cup. First of all starting off, if you’re watching this video and it looks pixelated, I apologize. I am in a perfect storm of an old computer, or not necessarily an old computer, but a poorly made computer even though it was a fortune at time, and a slow void rate modem. A letter arrived the other day from Comcast and they explained to me that I might not be seeing the best speed as I could be seeing because I have an older modem. So we’re switching that out. We will eventually switch the computer out and I’ll look great in these videos, as I should.

Now getting back to the World Cup, there is a lot of action on social media. It is pervasive. Nearly 90 percent of the Twittersphere is lit up with the World Cup. So much so that as we see, and we’re going to go through the slides in a second, Google has kind of separated the World Cup away from Google Trends and made it its own Google Trend and is elaborating putting in and showing trends within the World Cup. As people tweet and as people talk about this on social media, their impact and engagement is incredible. So the question really becomes how can a small business market to the world? Or maybe not even the world, maybe just your portion of the world, maybe just your localized area, but how can you engage using the enormous amount of traffic and engagement that is happening from this one event. So let’s get into it. We’ve got a great slide show.

Slide 1: Halyard Consulting – #WorldCup Mania – How to Market to the World

And I called it hashtag World Cup Mania. How to Market to the World. Now that little hashtag is because that is the most used hashtag for World Cup. It’s not 2014 World Cup. It’s not FIFA World Cup. It’s not any of those. In the United States, it is simply World Cup. We can talk about other areas. Brazil has a different word. Europe is using something similar, but not exact. But if you’re looking to capture the United States audience right now, it’s #WorldCup. Read the full article →

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The NSA Update

Jonathan Edward Goodman

by Jonathan Goodman on November 29, 2013

This is Jonathan Goodman. Welcome to another episode of The World of Internet Marketing. Today we’re going to have an NSA update. But before we do that, I want to tell you a story. As many of you who follow the podcast and the Google+ Hangouts know, I just came back from PubCon about two weeks. I had a great time there, but I had a very interesting experience that I wanted to tell you about.

First and foremost, it is happy hour somewhere. So I’m going to have my beer. This is Tiger beer, the world acclaimed lager. It’s from Asia. Let’s see how it is. Okay, that’s not great.

Meeting Jeffrey Gitomer Read the full article →

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