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She Shops Around 1: Birthday Party Supplies

by Tricia Meyer on March 3, 2009


After talking about it for over a year, the “Sunshine Girls” have decided to try out podcasting. The three of us spend about 90% of our online time doing something related to shopping: shopping for ourselves, looking for coupons, reading feedback from other shoppers, etc. So it was natural to decide that the theme of our podcasts would be online shopping. Specifically, we will be talking about where women are shopping (because we are women and because the majority of our sites are focused on women).

It took us over a week to feel confident that we could even record a podcast. After practicing talking on Skype and trying out 3 different recorders, we finally settled in. It’s not fancy and we had a couple of little sound issues, but on the whole I am pleased with it as a start.

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