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You Have Been Warned – Geek Dads Weekly #108

by Daniel M. Clark on January 27, 2012

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In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about a few things revolving around Affiliate Summit in some way or another. Plus, Game of Thrones, which was saved for the end in case people want to avoid spoilers and talk of taboo subject matter.

We started with a catch-up with the guys since last week. Drew’s getting settled with the new house, the new baby and all that domestic goodness. Greg went on a comic book shop tour in the Atlanta area, visiting six shops. He used a site called Comic Shop Locator to find them, and some of the places he went to were pretty funny.

Next, an update on Affiliate Improv!, the new monthly webinar series that kicks off this Saturday, January 28th, at 2pm Eastern. It’s an extension of the three-time Affiliate Summit session that I’ve helmed, and it’s totally free to attend. We demonstrate effective brainstorming and show the process of going from idea to action list. Plus, attendees get inside info on the sites, services and techniques we use on our own sites to blow them up and attract attention. Come check us out and spread the word, won’t you? Read the full article →

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[Update, January 21st] A quick note about the title, since we had someone asking about it who seemed put off by it. At the beginning of the show we noted that it was just us three guys and that none of the ladies that often appear on the show could make it this week. We joked that it was The All Guy Show, and that (sarcastically) nothing sells better than a fitness show hosted by a bunch of guys. The “no broads” thing was very tongue-in-cheek, as you can see by listening to the first little while of the episode. I chose “broads” because I didn’t want to be offensive since we love the women who do the show with us, yet I was going for that kind of “alpha male, we don’t need no broads around here!” kind of joke. That’s it. Just a little light humor 🙂 ~Daniel

The show this week is myself, Greg Hoffman and Kevin Webster. Kevin has been a member of our private Facebook group for quite a while but is making his AMFC debut this week!

We kicked off with Kevin’s backstory – where he’s coming from, what his fitness and health goals are and what he hopes to get out of the group. Like several of us, he’s aiming for dropping about 25-30 pounds or so. Read the full article →

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