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HipMojo #21 – 2011 Year in Review

by CT Moore on December 29, 2011

In episode 21, we look at the biggest tech-media stories of the year. Some of the stories we discuss include:

  • The passing of Steve Jobs (I make an unintentional but really inappropriate comment)
  • Amazon’s quiet by far-reaching potential
  • The release of Siri
  • YouTube’s 1 Trillion views – and what it means for online video
  • and Twitter’s role in Arab Spring

Next week, we’ll make some predictions for 2012. Most of them, though, will be half serious, and the other half will be just outright cynical, but we hope you tune in anyway.

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GeekCast 24: LinkShare Award Predictions

by Shawn Collins on June 23, 2008

GeekCast comes early this week, since Lisa Picarille and Shawn Collins will be at the LinkShare Symposium on Tuesday, so they joined Jim Kukral and Sam Harrelson for a very special episode 24, where predictions were made for the winners of each LinkShare Golden Link Award.

This installment kicked off with talk about Shel Israel getting dumped by FastCompany and how it turned out that he wasn’t in cahoots with Loren Feldman on it.

Then there was some very scientific and objective chatter about the winners of the LinkShare Golden Link Awards. The GeekCaster with the most correct picks gets a free night at the bar on the tab of the three losers (or a sponsor if somebody wants a piece of this exciting exposure opportunity). Read the full article →

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