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Google Glass, Clean Like a Mother, the A Word

by Lisa Picarille on May 7, 2013

Online Marketing Crock Pot co-hosts, Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer, are in the thick of the attribution stew this week – finally talking about the A word. And this won’t be the last time the pair discuss this hot topic.

Lisa and Todd also talked about how much they love the SF-Based company (drink) Method’s ads. They are funny, quirky and memorable. There was also some defining about the line between dorkiness and nerdiness and how Google Glass is making that line so much clearer.

Saturday Night Live Parodies Google Glass Saturday Night Live Parodies Google Glass

Method’s YouTube Ads (Clean like a Mother)
Google Glass for White Men
Google Glass
US Passes Marketplace Fairness Act Read the full article →

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My guest this week is accomplished author Jim Kukral. A fifteen-year veteran of internet marketing, Jim is leading the charge into self publishing on the Amazon Kindle platform. 

Jim Kukral's book, Business Around a LifestyleJim’s new book is Business Around a Lifestyle, available now at Amazon.

Jim KukralNot content to simply write books, Jim is at the forefront of teaching others about the opportunities that Amazon and self-publishing present for entrepreneurs that have the ability to write. His new service, Author Marketing Club, is open for membership (it’s free to join) and his book cover design service, Digital Book Launch, is accepting new clients all the time. In this episode you’ll hear why Amazon is the only game in town, why the “book” as we’ve known it for centuries is on the way out (permanently) and why you should be building a business around the life you want to lead (even if you think it can’t be done). It’s a rock-solid 40 minutes. Read the full article →

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