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Affiliate Marketing Fanatics 19: It’s a Search Tool!

by Trisha Lyn Fawver on February 3, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Fanatics – A couple of hyper-caffeinated affiliate marketers (Mike Buechele) and (Trisha Lyn Fawver) talk about all things Affiliate Marketing. From blogging to branding, social media to search, video and more!

In this all-too-RARE episode, we reunite and make lots of fun of ourselves for being inconsistent in our scheduling and shows. We discuss some things that are kind of old and some things that are brand-spanking new. It happens. Incidentally, I realize I said the name Richard Attenborough when we were joking around and I was trying to reference those classic nature shows from our childhood with the stoic British actor describing gazelles running across the Serengeti. Not sure what the actor’s name actually was, but I know now that it wasn’t Sir Attenborough. Oh well, despite that, episode 19 comes in at a cheetah like speed of 39 minutes.

Also, I just fixed the audio problem where it cut off about 33 minutes in.  Sorry, should be all good now!  In this episode we discuss: Read the full article →

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Affiliate Marketing Gets Texas-Sized

by Shawn Collins on June 1, 2009

This week on the Affiliate Thing podcast, Shawn Collins and Lisa Picarille talked about the Inbound Marketing Summit in Dallas last week, Internet Week in NYC, LinkShare’s Bento Box, and a change to Google AdSense Link Units.

Also, they got into how Mayor Cory Booker is emerging as a big force on Twitter and in Silicon Valley, Forbes covering the advertising tax, and Affiliate Summit selling out all booths and Meet Market tables.

Shawn Collins chomps a turkey leg at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington Read the full article →

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