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Technical SEO with Jenny Halasz of JLH Marketing

by Jonathan Goodman on February 18, 2014

Jonathan Edward Goodman

Jonathan:  Hi everyone. This is Jonathan Goodman. Welcome to another episode of The World of Internet Marketing. Today we have Jenny Halasz from JLH Marketing. Jenny has over a decade of experience in all aspects of online marketing. She develops technical and content strategies for clients, leads workshops and training, speaks and blogs about all things search. She’s worked with dozens of top companies, including Motorola, Lowe’s, Home Improvement, SAP, Four Seasons, Humana, Black & Decker and Citibank.

She works in both organic and paid search marketing, as well as social, usability, conversion optimization, affiliate, and analytic research. She discovered that her clients almost always had Marketing in one department and User Experience (UX) in another and the two would constantly argue about which issue was more important: A) Getting eyeballs to the site, or B) keeping them there. And we’ll go into detail on that during the show.

She graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University with a self-styled degree in search by blending Marketing and Mass Communication with a minor in Psychology for improved understanding of user experience. I believe the first time we met, Jenny, was at SFIMA, the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association. Is that right? Read the full article →

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In this edition James Martell talks with Aric Boyles, President and Founder of and Eileen Callen, Marketing Director of and their journey of creating something big out of nothing.

To kick off the call Aric shares a little history behind how his site grew to be the “go to place for everything Central Park” including the perseverance it took to obtain his domain name.

Once established he carefully began to develop content around the park he had fallen in love with after moving to New York City, including creating the first original sky view photograph of the entire park and surrounding city. Read the full article →

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