GeekCast: Sweet and Sour 16

by Shawn Collins on April 29, 2008


Lisa Picarille went on vacation this week, but Scott Jangro and Todd Crawford crowded around the table to join in with Jim Kukral, Shawn Collins and Sam Harrelson for a catheter bag full of geekiness.

The boys began the show with a discussion of the renaming of Affiliate Summit awards, the lameness of Web2.0Expo and whether or not conferences should release video and audio of sessions.

The panel then guesses at Todd Crawford’s next gig to no avail. Then, the show moved to a discussion of gaming platforms, the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, the upcoming Star Wars Wii game and whether Jim is behind all the Twitter bots that have been following us lately. Todd Crawford pulls his weight by introducing the crew to

There’s a segment on the best ways to avoid using the facilities in public places that soon veers into places that probably shouldn’t be discussed on a geek marketing podcast. But you’ll enjoy nonetheless.

The best stuff comes at the end of the show with a high quality discussion of Disqus and Evernote as well as organizational platforms.

In total, GeekCast 16 is about 80 mins.

The show is quite NSFJ (Not Safe for Jangro), so you’ve been warned.

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