Selling Your Brand with First Impressions

by Shawn Collins on May 1, 2009

This week on the Brandmouthing podcast, I talk about a billboard I saw from the highway while driving through Connecticut this week.

The billboard was from a woman named Pasha Stocking who is looking for a job in marketing.

I thought it was a great example of a job candidate doing something original, rather than standing in line and playing it safe with the status quo.

Billboard to get a job

Personally, I’d rather hire somebody who used their skills and unique approach to get a job over another person who just sent a resume or replied to an ad on HotJobs.

Also, I sent a note to Pasha after midnight last night to ask more about her site, and she responded before 7 A.M. this morning.

She mentioned she’s planning to start a podcast soon called “Ask Pasha”, and she’s currently blogging and Tweeting. If I were looking to hire in marketing, I’d call her in for an interview.

The way you represent yourself tells a story about you. What is your brand telling strangers about you and your potential?

Show Notes

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