RedHatBlueHat 9: Bring Back the Military Draft

by Shawn Collins on July 17, 2008

The seventh installment of RedHatBlueHat featured Jeff Doak, Mike Allen, Sam Harrelson, Shawn Collins, Tim Jones, and Todd Crawford.

Obama in the New YorkerThe show welcomed a new voice this week with Jeff Doak, and kicked off with a discussion on the cover of the latest issue of the New Yorker Magazine with Barack and Michelle Obama.

We moved on to cover John McCain on Viagra and Obama supporting “age-appropriate sex education” for Kindergartners.

Also, some talk of the differences between Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain, how comedians can’t seem to find anything funny to say about Obama, the real meaning of jihad, and the enigma that is George W. Bush.

Plus, some chatter on the New York Times memo from standards editor Craig Whitney that forbids reporters and editors from putting political stickers on their personal vehicles and political signs in their yards.

While there was some disagreement over this policy, the group agreed that it was good of the Times to state that “Staff members are entitled to vote.”

Finally, there was a lengthy exchange about whether the draft should be instituted, as both McCain and Obama agree that the troop levels in Afghanistan should be increased.

Episode 9 runs 74 bumper sticker free minutes.

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