Website Profits #3: Powerful Offline Customer Research

by Justin Hitt on February 26, 2009

In the last Website Profits program I covered optimizing your website across your business. Today you’ll discover …

The value of customer research, how to get with and in front of prospective buyers without irritating them. If you want your website to be relevant, this program shows you how to reach your prospective visitors. This topic was so important I did it in my car.

Insights that build relationships with visitors even before they get to your website. A great way to drive traffic to your website, while getting to know about what they want so they stay.

T-Mobile MDA SmartphoneYou’ll also get two tools for increasing credibility for you as a selling professional (the old fashion way.) Including what kind of information to discover and a hidden insight that perfectly connects you to prospects in social media.

Okay, if you want to add something ultra high-tech, you could follow up with prospects over a danish at your local coffee shop using your Blackberry Bold (even my old school T-Mobile MDA Smartphone can do that.)

You even get a little role playing, and if after that you still don’t think this program is giving you powerful tools to making more money on-line, then I’ll understand if you never come back. But if you’ll spare me a second chance, I’ll answer your questions below.

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