PMA Industry Report: Start-Ups Fear Nexus Bills in CA

by Lisa Picarille on June 16, 2011

Welcome to the Performance Marketing Association Industry Report, a podcast dedicated to the most pressing issues impacting advertisers, publishers, networks and agencies.

Keith Posehn joined host Lisa Picarille.

Keith is an entrepreneur who grew up in the middle of the Internet boom. He started with video game design, moved to Web development and then into the online marketing world. Keith rose to director of an ad agency, before striking off on his own in 2008 to create Zorz, a successful performance marketing practice. In 2010 he formed AppZorz, a mobile development & marketing technology.

We began by talking about Keith’s roots and affiliate and the status of three different bills being proposed in California that could have far reaching impact on affiliates and technology companies. Keith then talked about how these law will impact his business if passed; why these bills are misguided; what he industry can do to stop them; his move to get venture capitalists involved in the fight and much more.

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