PMA Industry Report: Connecticut Affiliates Not Giving Up

by Lisa Picarille on April 28, 2011

Connecticut affiliates gather at the state capital in Hartford on 4/27/11

Welcome to the Performance Marketing Association Industry Report, a podcast dedicated to the most pressing issues impacting advertisers, publishers, networks and agencies.

Kevin Mardorf joined Host Lisa Picarille to talk about the Affiliate Nexus Tax that is being proposed in Connecticut.

Kevin, is the owner of MardoMarketing based in Connecticut. He’s been in affiliate marketing for over 10 years. He participates in a variety of different verticals such as telecom, finance, couponing and more. Over the last two years, Kevin has been very active in trying to stop legislation from passing in Connecticut that will harm his business and affiliate marketing.

We began talking about where things stand in CT; how the Affiliate Nexus Tax language ended up in the Governor’s budget; the lobby day for affiliates that was held earlier this week; why it was important to show up en masse and have face-to-face meetings with legislators; what can be done now; what happens to Kevin’s business if this passes; the possibility of moving to another state; what affiliates in others states can do in this fight and much more.

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