Affiliate Buzz #309 – Outsourcing Secrets Revealed – Tips and Tales from the Masters of Delegation

by James Martell on October 3, 2013

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itunesIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell welcome back special guest Kimberly Juchnowski, who works alongside Arlene and himself as an editor and project coordinator. Kimberly handles their outsourcing projects within the Elance system.

James describes outsourcing as a real art form, and Kimberly has been the sole person to handle this task for the past year. Listen to James describe the benefits of mastering the art of outsourcing, as well as the traits that people who have done so have in common.

Outsourcing Works for All Projects

To give listeners an idea of the scope of the extensive work that Kimberly handles for them, James asks Kimberly how many projects she has posted in the past three months. You won’t want to miss her tips and advice on developing a project description and work order that helps you get back exactly what you’d like to receive at the end of a successful project.

Kimberly outsources projects in primarily three different categories in Elance. Each of those categories is then broken down into sub-categories to create a wide range of job types, which is proof that she really knows her stuff! Tune in to hear Kimberly describe:

  • a writing job requesting 10 blog articles
  • a graphic design project asking for social media art
  • a tech issue job related to using WordPress plugins

James admits that sometimes a problem, such as a technical issue, is frustrating and could even stop veterans in their tracks. Listen to why he feels outsourcing through Elance is the best way to get these issues handled quickly and within your budget!

How to Select a Great Freelancer

Selecting a great freelancer isn’t rocket science. Kimberly has some useful advice for how to choose the best freelancer for your specific project, whether it’s for WordPress help or PAD articles. Some of the areas she covers include things such as:

  • what to look for in the freelancer’s Elance ratings
  • details to look for with both positive and negative feedback
  • fine points that should stand out in the freelancer’s portfolio

podcast_250x250_v1There are so many benefits to delegating work using this method that you can’t afford not to outsource whenever possible. Tune in now to listen to the entire episode. You won’t want to miss a minute, especially when Kimberly explains how she handles freelancers who fail to fulfill their obligations!

Be sure to check out the Outsourcing Essentials course at The School of Internet Marketing, where you can learn even more about this essential practice. And if you have any questions you can click here to ask them on the Affiliate Buzz Facebook page.

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