Online Marketing Crock Pot #22: Scary Things Some Affiliates are Not Doing

by Lisa Picarille on October 29, 2013

This episode the Online Marketing Crock Pot delved into the spooky, terrifying and gross in honor of Halloween. Co-hosts Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer went for the gory and gross immediately as Lisa talked about the scary number of YouTube video that show people popping boils and cysts. Yes, boils.

They also pondered whether Halloween and the upcoming Holiday shopping season will bring an uptick in sites like Pinterest, Instagram and other visual sites?

Todd’s scary party with ideas from Pinterest
pumpkin guac

And for family fun (ok, not really G Rated) there is Cards Against Humanity.

The co-hosts then focused on 5 most terrifying mistakes an affiliate can make:

1. Not executing and focus (analysis/paralysis)
2. Bad customer service
3. Lack of video content
4. Not Building a list
5. Not diversifying their revenue
Bonus Tip
Not building your own brand

They also talked about how marketing opportunities abound as two major holidays converge – Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. It’s called “Thanksgivukah.” Carve the Turkey and Pass the Latkes, as Holidays Converge

After the Show
Lisa and Todd talked about Todd’s parenting skills and scaring the kids with the movie The Conjuring.

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