Online Marketing Crock Pot #18: Affiliate’s Need a Holiday Plan

by Lisa Picarille on September 23, 2013

xmas shopping

It’s Q4 and Crock Pot co-hosts Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer were bubbling over with talk about things that affiliates can do it increase their share of the online shopping pie. Number one of their list was affiliates creating a formal seasonal proposal to send to merchants that includes sponsored posts, run-of-site advertising and other paid special placements.

The co-hosts also offered yet another tip of the hat to their beloved friend and awesome affiliate Tricia Meyer, who has spoken in depth on this topic at conferences and on a webinar and written about it as well.

They also noted that affiliate network ShareASale does an excellent job on their blog posting great articles about prepping for Q4.

Lisa also lamented how she was chained to her desk all weekend editing a fascinating book about the psychology of investing. She only left the house once in three days and it was out of pure necessity.

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