Online Marketing Crock Pot #17: The Value of Crappy Jobs

by Lisa Picarille on September 9, 2013

Inspired by a Facebook post from good pal Tricia Meyer, the Online marketing Crock Pot co-hosts Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer talked about some of their first jobs. The two discussed valuable lessons learned from working at young age, how Todd was an entrepreneurial spirit at age 12 and the silver linings in crappy jobs. Oh yeah, and how bad bosses can often teach you what not to do.

They also focused on Todd’s IM Report video about Ros Gardner’s program Affiliate Blogger Pro. He swears it’s awesome – the video and Ros’ program.

Lisa gave a shout out to all the affiliate marketing folks in gorgeous Santa Barbara for RingRevenue’s annual corporate gathering and/or CJU.

The after show was a hot mess with Todd singing a little ditty about pancakes that confuzzled Lisa.

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