Online Marketing Crock Pot #16: Building a Brand

by Lisa Picarille on August 28, 2013


The Online Marketing Crock Po co-hosts, Lisa Picarille and Todd Farmer, discussed building a brand as an affiliate and also rebranding. Todd got personal and talked about some lessons he learned while building his former company KowaBunga! And, yes, he was excited about that exclamation point.

The show talked about the benefits and challenges of having a brand built around a single person and cited James Martell and Danny Sullivan as great examples.

As for the rebranding, both hosts agreed it’s tricky. Lisa is not fond of Rakuten’s shuttering of the name in favor of

Todd’s shameless self promotion was an article he was writing for ShareASale’s blog series on lessons learned in the online marketing space.

There was very little after show chatter and the Online Marketing Crock Pot is taking off to celebrate Labor Day. It’ll be back on Seotember 9th.

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